We Missed Out On A (Possibly) Epic Super Bowl By About 12 Hours

  • Eric Goldschein

snowy metlifeHere’s a list of words you can’t use to describe yesterday’s blowout Super Bowl in New Jersey: Dramatic. Exciting. Tense. Breathtaking. Interesting. Fun. That’s because the Seahawks took the lead 12 seconds into the game and never looked back. Also, the weather at kickoff was a relatively balmy 49 degrees, which means the prognostications of a winter storm during the big game were way, way off.

Except if you woke up in New York/New Jersey this morning, you saw (and are continuing to see, as of this writing) the same thing we’re seeing: A ton of snow.

Thanks to Winter Storm Maximus (yes, this is bad enough to warrant use of a name), up to a foot of snow is expected in the NYC-area today. We’re getting up to two inches an hour in some areas.

Look at MetLife Stadium:

While some people (see above) think a storm would have qualified as a “snow bullet” for the NFL, we can’t imagine a more epic conclusion to the 2013-14 season than a Super Bowl in a massive snow storm. Remember how much fun Week 14 was this year?

Also, we have the hindsight to know that a game played without snow resulted in a snoozer, unless you’re a diehard Seahawks fan and relished seeing sad Manning faces. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that snow would have altered the outcome of this game — the Seahawks showed they were far and away the better team last night — but it would have looked cooler, at least.

As it is, we’ll have to content ourselves with a Super Bowl blowout and having to slog through a foot of snow on our way to work, still hungover and full of chicken. Thanks, weather gods.

Photo via Brad Mayne