A Local Weatherman Threatened To Wear His Wife’s Panties If The Colts Lost Again. Welp, The Colts Lost Again.

  • Dan Fogarty

This clip was recorded before yesterday’s Colts game, and shows Pennsylvania weatherman Jim Kosek making an on-air bet with his viewers. That bet? If the 0-11 Colts fell again that day to the 8-3 Patriots, he’d wear his wife’s panties every time he did the weather for the rest of the season. Unfortunately for Kosek, the Colts did lose, 31-24, and it looks like Kosek will indeed be wearing women’s underwear for the remainder of the season.

Why would you make this bet if you’re Kosek? Well, he is your resident crazy local weatherman, and has a string of wacky YouTube moments to his credit. But even for an offbeat newscaster, this was a bad bet to make: the winless Colts against the division-leading Patriots, at New England? You’re pretty much asking to wear ladies undergarments at that point, dude.

[Big ol’ h/t to @RustyGoomba for this one]