Fights, Bros, And One Very Sassy Robot: The 5 Best NFL Fan Videos From Week 14

  • Glenn Davis

One of our preferred Monday morning pastimes is combing the Internet to try to find some noteworthy NFL-related video from the previous day that flew under the radar – more often than not, a video involving fans, and generally those involve fans brawling. But a fan video doesn’t have to involve fighting to be entertaining, as some of the ones we came across this morning proved. We were amused enough by what we saw, in fact, that we’ve decided to put them all together in post form – with the hope of finding enough of these every week to make this a recurring feature. So behold – this week in NFL fan weirdness.

Cheerin’ on the Pack, havin’ a ball.

Catchin’ TV viewers’ attention. Bein’ a robot.

Cheerin’ on the Jags. Loudly.

Really loudly. Like, we’re not sure he was even cheering on the Jags. He might not have even known what he was yelling about. But he sure was yelling.

Fight-ish altercation.

It wasn’t all fun and top-of-lungs screaming, though, demonstrated by these people at the Falcons-Panthers game. PatherGal shoves FalconBro at the beginning, but after that he sort of looks like he’s just trying to restrain her? There’s a FalconGal who takes a tumble at the beginning of the video, obscured for much of the rest of the time by the FalconBro in front of her – the dispute seems to have involved the two women to start with. Either way, classy happenings all around.

Eagles bros rip Bucs bro’s jersey off, Bucs bro doesn’t seem to care.

It seems like everyone around him is getting indignant on his behalf, but he’s just standing there and taking it without a care in the world. Seems like if he weren’t mad about that, he’d at least be mad that his team just suffered a heartbreaking last-second loss to a team that had lost eight games in a row. But we all have our own ways of dealing with disappointment, we suppose.

Finally: why Lambeau Leaps should be confined to Lambeau.

Gotta step your game up, Bills fans. Back next week with more of these, we hope.