Well, NFL.com Has Gone Ahead And Renamed The Jets “Tebow”

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Don’t adjust your screen. This isn’t a mistake. NFL.com is going to keep up the trend of referring to the Jets as “Tebow” in their power rankings, despite the demigod’s vanishing act on the field during Week 1.

But seriously, this is getting out of hand! The biggest impact Tebow had on the Jets’ season opener was his acumen for onside-kick catching! This game was a revelation for Marky Mark and his funky bunch, with Timmy the Great nowhere to be found. What in Tebow’s name is Tebow still doing in the Week 2 power rankings?

It seems NFL.com forgot this was the week we were all supposed to start forgetting about Tim Tebow. I mean, all he did was rush five times for 11 yards. The guy didn’t even throw a pass, and somehow he still gets credit for the Jets’ ascension up the rankings. It’s not like the Sanchize threw for 266 yards and three touchdowns, or anything.

Still couldn’t believe this wasn’t a mistake. I wish it were though, because somewhere, Skip Bayless was probably huddled up, silhouetted by his monitor’s warm glow, doing terrible, shameful things to himself at the sight of it. But alas, it’s just a jab at his golden boy. For shame, NFL.com.