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EXCLUSIVE: Wes Welker Talks To SportsGrid About Peyton Manning, Depend Underwear, And Aaron Hernandez The Positives In Life

  • Eric Goldschein

wes welker

When we first heard that Wes Welker and DeMarcus Ware were going to put on Depend underwear for the Great American Try On, we were a little skeptical. Shouldn’t these guys be marketing sports drinks and/or sneakers and/or beer?

But then we spoke to both players about their work with the V Foundation — an organization searching for a cure to prostate cancer, among other diseases — and felt like jerks for judging so quickly. Considering one in six men is affected by prostate cancer, there are likely more men in your life than you’d think wearing Depend underwear.

The two stars competed in a player’s challenge to gather votes for their “team,” and the winner got $50,000 donated in their name to the V Foundation. Then they sat down with us to talk about it, along with other hot topics of the day, in a wide-ranging phone interview. First up is Wes Welker, the new Broncos wide receiver.

Ever heard a guy deflect Aaron Hernandez questions by talking about underwear? Do you need insight into who to draft first out of the Broncos skill players for your fantasy team? Ever wonder what it must be like to work with two all-time great quarterbacks? Look no further than the play button below:

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