What Does An Aaron Rodgers Jersey Look Like After It’s Been Worn For 1,034 Consecutive Days?

  • Jake O'Donnell

Well, it fades. The letters come off. It starts to feel like a t-shirt and loses that gloss. Looks like a practice pinny. And it definitely loses that red carpet razzmatazz.

1,034 days. Damn.

He’s going for David Witthoft’s record of wearing a Favre jersey 1,581 days. Is that a record? Probably not. Is it gross? Yes. Does this kid look like he gives a shit? Of course not. Most sixth graders are trying to see if they can flick their boogers from their bed onto the ceiling and make them stick. Or collecting Snapple caps.

Either way, it’s pretty obvious that making this into a cute human interest story will only drive more kids to do it. Oh well, less clothes to wash for Mom and Dad.

H/T Pack Mentality