What Does Mike Pouncey Know About Aaron Hernandez And Gun Trafficking?

  • Eric Goldschein

mike pouncey

According to SI.com, Mike Pouncey of the Miami Dolphins was served with a grand jury subpoena immediately following the Dolphins loss to the Patriots yesterday. While Pouncey isn’t being charged with a crime, Massachusetts authorities apparently want to know what Pouncey knows about Aaron Hernandez — specifically, Hernandez’s “potential involvement in interstate gun trafficking.”

From the report:

The extent of Pouncey’s potential involvement is undetermined, but police are focusing on multiple transactions that involve him and Hernandez. “Organizationally, we do not have a comment,” said Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene. “And Mike Pouncey does not have a comment.”

A grand jury subpoena does not mean Pouncey, 24, has been or will be charged with a crime. Rather, law enforcement officials regard him as a material witness who could advance their case against Hernandez. Pouncey traveled back home with the team Sunday night.

The increased scrutiny on Hernandez’s gun activity could be an indication that the gun charges have taken an increased importance. Shortly after the first murder investigation began, the source said, signs that Hernandez was involved with a large-scale, multi-state gun running operation began to emerge.

Here are a few early takeaways from Pouncey getting served:

1) Along with being charged in Odin Lloyd’s murder and being investigated for a July 2012 double-homicide, reports of Hernandez’s involvement in gun-trafficking is not only not a surprise, but could end up keeping Hernandez behind bars even if he beats the Lloyd case — and considering the prosecution lacks an eye witness or murder weapon, beating the case is a possibility.

2) Since Pouncey appears to be in some way connected to Hernandez’s seedy criminal activities — or at least has knowledge of it — you have to wonder if any other NFL players know how far down Hernandez’s rabbit hole goes.

3) Mike and brother Maurkice Pouncey, former teammates of Hernandez at the University of Florida were criticized after they were photographed wearing “Free Hernandez” hats. Maurkice was the only brother to apologize publicly. Just saying.

Read the full SI.com report here.

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