What Happened Last Night: The Giants Swept The Tigers, And The Broncos Thrashed The Saints

  • Glenn Davis

Didn’t watch any sports last night? Oh. Well then. Guess you don’t care about things like the clinching game of the World Series (though we guess you’d be in some good company if you didn’t care about the World Series), or two of the best quarterbacks in football facing off. Your loss. But if you’ve seen the light and regret what you’ve done, we’re here to help: read below to catch up on a pretty loaded Sunday night.

The Giants are World Series champions (again).

All postseason, when it mattered most, the Giants were unbeatable. During the World Series, they were unbeatable, period, turning away the Tigers last night in 10 innings to clinch the franchise’s second World Series title in three years. Pablo Sandoval, as one would expect of a guy who had a three-homer game and hit .500, won series MVP honors. If MVP awards could be given to an entire pitching staff, though, the Giants’ group, which allowed just six runs in four games and recorded two shutouts, probably would have taken top honors.

We suppose this is the part where we ask: did the title seem a little… anticlimactic to anyone else, especially for a game that went to extra innings? Sure, the Giants celebrated and did everything teams in these situations usually do, but it seemed almost reserved. There was jumping around, but it was a little disjointed and players were split up into a few groups rather than in one giant mob at the mound. It probably had something to do with it being a sweep in a road game – the crowd obviously wasn’t going to go crazy like San Franciscans would have. Oh well, regardless, the Giants are on top of the baseball world again. Hunter Pence must be a hell of a speaker.

Broncos, like everyone else, carve up Saints’ defense.

Of course, another reason the Giants’ title struck us as relatively un-dramatic is because the game took place at the same time as another sporting event tons of people were watching: the Broncos’ Sunday Night Football showdown with the Saints. The question going in: could the Saints’ defense, which hasn’t stopped anyone, at least slow down a Broncos team with rounding-into-peak-form Peyton Manning?

The emphatic answer: no. Not even remotely close, actually. The Broncos dominated last night, coming away with a 34-14 win (one of those Saints touchdowns came with two minutes left and the game long since decided) and 530 yards of total offense. Manning was unstoppable, throwing for 305 yards and three touchdowns on 22-of-30 passing. The Broncos’ running game was unstoppable, piling up 225 yards of its own on 41 attempts. Drew Brees? Well, he was pretty stoppable, compiling 213 yards and completing just 22 of 42 attempts. Sure, it’s been against an imploding Chargers team and struggling Saints squad, but the Broncos have looked pretty scary for their last six quarters of football.

And in 4 p.m. game news, if you missed the endings of those: the [NEW YORK FOOTBALL] Giants blew a 23-0 lead, then held on to beat the Cowboys 29-24, while the Raiders beat the Chiefs 26-16 because for an NFL team, the Chiefs aren’t especially good at football.


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