What Happened Last Night: The Lakers Beat The Thunder (!), The NFC Beat The AFC In The Pro Bowl You Didn’t Watch

  • Dylan Murphy

You know that lingering parasite, the one in which several non-selected all-star football players compete in a game wearing brightly colored uniforms? Right, the Pro Bowl. Well that went on last night because Roger Goodell enjoys hanging onto the vestiges of decorum, or something. The NFC won, by the way. Oh and there was basketball all day, too.

The MVP of the Pro Bowl didn’t make the Pro Bowl.

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings tight end, did not make the Pro Bowl this season – probably because he didn’t even have 500 yards receiving on the season. But Pro Bowl starter Tony Gonalez of the Atlanta Falcons, well he didn’t show. So Rudolph played in his stead, catching 5 passes for 122 yards and a TD, while also winning the MVP. Texans defensive end J.J. Watt lined up as a wide receiver (such tomfoolery!) on a few plays, but did not catch a pass despite two targets from Peyton Manning. He also bloodied up his finger, which was proof of something about players caring or something or other. There’s also this wonderful paragraph from the AP‘s game recap:

“The game was trending on Twitter in the United States early on, but quickly gave way to the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the WWE Royal Rumble.”

That seems just about right. Oh, and by the way, the NFC won 62-35.

The Miami Heat lost in double OT to the ACL-less Rondo-less Boston Celtics.

When we brought you Paul Pierce’s tempered distress over the Rondo-ACL news yesterday, we barely had time to harp on the fact that yes, the Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat in double overtime 100-98. LeBron James did LeBron James with a line of 34-16-7 in 52 minutes, including the game-tying three-pointer to send the game to overtime in the first place. But Paul Pierce also did Paul Pierce towards the end, including a very Paul Pierce stepback jumper over LeBron to take the lead in the game’s final minute.

It wasn’t until after the game that the Boston Celtics players found out about Rondo – Doc Rivers’ probably wise decision – and so the mood in the locker room was, shall we say, disheartened. But Boston did prove that they can still hang with anybody, somehow, even if the feasibility of such hanging-with drops over the course of a seven-game series. But first they have to make the playoffs, which is already tough enough to begin with.

The Lakers beat the Thunder and Kobe Bryant had 14 assists. Again.

You may have read Friday’s Lakers-Jazz box score, noticed Kobe Bryant’s 14 assists, scoffed and laughed a bit, then submitted to the futility of the refresh button. Getting-up-30-shots-aint-easy Kobe Bryant, actually, you know, passed the ball. The Lakers won by 18, good feelings were had and suicide jokes were left untold. Then on Sunday, during the NBA showcase on ESPN and ABC, the Lakers and Thunder played. Kobe Bryant attempted 12 field goals – making eight of them – and dished out another 14 assists in route to another victory, this time 105-96 over Oklahoma City. Russell Westbrook also shot 6-22 from the field, which didn’t help matters, but the Lakers and offense and ball movement and winning, twice! Something something playoffs NBA Finals something, right?