What The Hell Happened Last Night: The Steelers Won A Game, But Lost A Quarterback

  • Glenn Davis

If you didn’t pay attention to the sports scene last night, you missed out on.. well, a bit of a mixed bag. You missed Monday Night Football… but as you’ll soon learn, you might be glad you did. And while there were some good NBA games going on, there weren’t any televised in front of a big national audience, so it’s possible you wouldn’t have been able to watch anyway. Still, though, it deserves a full roundup. Her goes nothing.

Steelers win snoozer, Big Ben hurt.

The Steelers’ 16-13 overtime win over the Chiefs last night was costly for all involved. For the Steelers? It’s because even though they won, that could pale in comparison to what they lost: their franchise quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger exited the game with a shoulder injury, which some are reporting as a sprain, others as a separated shoulder. And to make matters worse, it’s an injury to his throwing shoulder. The Steelers are firmly back in the playoff picture after a rough start, but to be at full strength, they need their quarterback. Also, they needed overtime to beat the Chiefs. Can’t feel great about that.

For the Chiefs? It was costly because it was another loss in an increasingly miserable season already chock full of losses. And this one really hurts, because they probably should have won. The Chiefs missed a 33-yard field goal that could have made the difference in regulation, and almost immediately squandered their overtime opportunity with an interception that directly led to the Steelers’ winning field goal. They scored a couple touchdowns that were ultimately called back. The Chiefs had opportunities last night, and when it came time to take advantage… well, they showed why they’re now 1-8.

For everyone watching? Three-plus hours of their lives (and in the case of those who were there in person, hard-earned money) to watch an unrelenting crapfest. Like Texans-Bears the night before, the weather was not conducive to much offense, and so there was not much offense to be had (539 yards of offense between the two teams). It wasn’t as turnover-plagued as the Sunday night game, but these also weren’t defenses quite on the level of the Texans and Bears. It was bad enough that you had people begging for the game not to hit overtime – and then it did. Well, at least Mike Wallace made that awesome catch.

In the Association…

Some interesting games happening last night. The Heat escaped with a 113-110 win over the Rockets thanks to LeBron’s 32 second-half points (38 total). He’s pretty good, I guess. The Jazz beat the Raptors 140-133 in triple overtime – sadly, despite the final score, no individual player had an especially wacky stat line. The Pistons almost finally did something right, but ultimately fell 92-90 to the Thunder. They’re 0-8 now. Rajon Rondo did something very right, nearly netting a triple double and helping the Celtics top the Bulls. And in the Battle of the Severely Depleted Rosters, the T-Wolves bested the Mavs, 90-82.

Elsewhere around the league: the Hawks beat the Blazers, the actually-not-bad-so-far Suns beat the Nuggets, and the Bucks beat the Sixers, who are going to be without Andrew Bynum for a long time. Gonna be tough to stay above water in the meantime.

College basketball upset watch:

Not much to speak of. Six top 25 teams played last night, and each won by at least 15, with most prevailing by around 30. Standard early-season cupcake-feasting stuff. Today, though, is the 24-hour college basketball marathon, so if you like basketball being played at ridiculous hours, today’s the day for you. As I write this: Harvard and UMass are locked in a battle for the Commonwealth.

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