What We Know About The Super Bowl Commercials So Far

  • Rick Chandler


And here we go — it’s time for the Super Bowl commercials to start rolling in. These days you don’t have to wait for the big game, because where’s the profit in that? For $5 million per 30-second spot, companies need to get all the publicity they can from these commercials, so releasing them pre-game is the way to go. As the new spots come out, we’ll be keeping you up to date right here, and when we get enough we’ll rank ’em. Check back every day until Feb. 5.

First, Skittles checks in with their new ad, and it’s an upgrade from last year’s bizarre Steven Tyler nightmare-inducer.

TurboTax is back for the fourth consecutive year with a 45-second spot, starring Humpty Dumpty.

Wix would like to remind you that it’s easy to make your own stunning web site. Although what that has to do with Jason Latham busting up a restaurant is unclear.

Intel apparently thinks that people will watch Tom Brady do anything — even brush his teeth before eating a pancake off of the floor. After taking it away from a dog. I would have re-thought this one.

Teaser Trailers

Avocados From Mexico is back, and the ad — to be shown during the first commercial break of the game — will focus on the avocado being a health food. Since more avocados are consumed during the Super Bowl than during any other time of the year, it’s surprising that AFM have only been in the past three big games. Here’s the teaser trailer, featuring Jon Lovitz:

Kia is going to make you wait awhile to see what’s chasing Melissa McCarthy.

PepsiCo will be touting its line of bottle water products, Lifewtr, with its Inspiration Drops spot. Featured will be a songby John Legend.

Mr. Clean makes his Super Bowl debut! I can’t wait.

Not participating this year

Butterfinger, Doritos (no contest, thank goodness), Heinz, Mini USA, SunTrust, Taco Bell, Toyota, Visa.

Thanks to AdWeek, Ad Age.