Tracking The Super Bowl 50 Commercials: See Almost All Of The Ads Right Here

Tracking The Super Bowl 50 Commercials: See Almost All Of The Ads Right Here
  • Rick Chandler

Well here you go: just about every Super Bowl 50 commercial. We’ve got about a dozen updates here, among them the full ads for, Audi, BMW with Serena Williams and Randy Johnson, Bud Light (with Ronda Rousey, Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer), Hyundai Genesis (Kevin Hart), KFC (new Colonel Sanders), Michelob Ultra, Wix, Skittles, Snickers (wow), Mobile Strike, Squarespace, Suntrust Banks, and Turbo Tax (with a hopeful and ultimately doomed James Lipton).

Here’s A List Of All The Super Bowl Ads So Far (With Updates)


* Acura: Will Jerry Seinfeld be featured, as he was in 2012? Nope. Their 30-second commercial is live online.

* Audi: It’s called “The Commander”, and cost about $10 million, according to I4U News. IMO, it was worth it.

* BMW: Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk, Harvey Keitel, and Serena Williams are featured in Mini’s spot, which will be shown in the third quarter, according to the New York Times. “Defy Labels.” Full ad.

* Buick: According to Automotive News, the 30-second spot will feature the Cascada convertible, and star Odell Beckham Jr. and model Emily Ratajkowski.

* Honda: The RPA Agency is creating this 60-second spot — they’re the ones who created the Ferris Bueller reboot for the CR-V in 2012. This time around it’s a Babe-esque bit of whimsy in which sheep secretly belt out Queen’s Somebody to Love out in the pasture. They learn the song because the pickup truck that the rancher uses to feed them — the 2017 Honda Ridgeline — has a rear-bed sound system.

* Hyundai: Four spots. Here are the three they’ve released so far: 1. “A Day in Ryanville”. Yes, it’s a suburb in which everyone is Ryan Reynolds, which brings up many questions. No women? Or kids? How does that work? It’s all for the Hyundai Elantra, which now features Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. Although I wouldn’t sweat hitting Ryan Reynolds in the street in this town: there are plenty of others. 2. “The Chase”, in which a bear is chasing hikers, who escape by using the Elantra’s new technology that allows you to unlock your car by talking into your smartphone. 3. “First Date”, where Kevin Hart keeps tabs on his daughters’ date (some would call it stalking) with the Car Finder feature on his Hyundai Genesis.

* Kia Optima: Christopher Walken invites you to explore the wonders of the “Walken Closet.” Extended ad:

* Toyota Prius: The 90-second spot, “Heck on Wheels”, in now live for your enjoyment.


* Budweiser: The puppy will not be back, according to Anheuser-Busch via Adweek. The Clydesdales will be, however. Bud has purchased three minutes of Super Bowl airtime split between four commercials — one will be a 60-second spot for its #GiveADamn campaign, and will feature Oscar-winner Helen Mirren tossing out various threats. I wouldn’t mess with her.

* Bud Light: Ronda Rousey, Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer campagin for beer. Full ad:


* Michelob Ultra: Last seen during the Super Bowl in 2010, and featuring Lance Armstrong (sad trombone). The new one is entitle “Breathe”.


* Marmot: The outerwear company makes its Super Bowl debut with a giant marmot who, apparently, pisses off of a cliff and makes mud angels. Here are two horrifying teasers:


* SunTrust Banks. Full ad.

* TurboTax: The spot is titled “Genius,” and hasn’t been released so far. But the teaser, starring James Lipton, is pretty great.

* SoFi: A Silicon Valley startup that promises a bankless world. Here’s the 30-second spot.

* Quicken Loans. Here’s the 30-second commercial for their Rocket Mortgage feature, where apparently you can take out a mortgage by phone, and various things levitate.


* Avocados from Mexico: The same agency that created “First Draft Ever” last year is back, and this time we go to the future. An alien tour guide at a human history museum is describing our ancient artifacts, among them the “Cube of Rubik”; an airline seat “torture device”; and, for some reason, Scott Baio. Also a chart of emojis, which the guide refers to as “our alphabet.”

Here’s the teaser.

Their 2015 commercial:

* Bai: It’s a coffee/fruit drink with no caffeine, a lot of antioxidants “and just 5 calories.”

* Butterfinger, which will enter “Phase 2” of its campaign to cover up to $50,000 of players’ excessive celebration fines during the game.

* Coca-Cola: Coke is unifying all of its beverage brands under the tagline “Taste the Feeling”, as seen in the debut commercial below. That’s not the one that will appear during the Super Bowl, but you get the idea: no matter the nature of your relationships in the past or present, your first love will always be Coke. GOT IT?

* Death Wish Coffee. Winners of Intuit’s “Small Business, Big Game” contest, the small company will get a 30-second ad during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Here it is:

* Doritos: It’s 10th and final year of the Crash the Super Bowl campaign, in which amateur filmmakers compete for $1 million and a spot in the game. They’re down to three finalists. Here’s one of them.

* Heinz Ketchup: Little is known of the origin of this commercial, but I imagine that someone at an ad agency meeting suddenly stood and shouted “I’ve got it! Wiener dogs!” After a victory lap around the conference table, someone else suggested little hot dog bun costumes, and a concept was born. This triumph of CGI and guys in condiment costumes is part of Heinz’s overall “Meet the Ketchups” campaign.

* KFC: Say goodbye to Colonel Sanders … the Norm MacDonald version, anyway. In its Super Bowl spot, KFC continues its never-ending quest for a comedian to play the venerable chicken plantation overseer by ending MacDonald’s reign and bringing in Jim Gaffigan. In “Dream”, we see that MacDonald’s tenure had all been a dream, as Gaffigan awakes in a cold sweat after a MacDonald commercial clip. We’ve seen it all before in the final episode of Newhart, but this time it’s with chicken.

* Mountain Dew is back for the first time since 2000, and will highlight its energy drink, Kickstart. Get ready for pure nightmare fuel.

* Pepsi: Will sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show, featuring Coldplay and Beyonce. As for their commercial, it will be “Joy of Pepsi” featuring Janelle Monáe, to be shown just before halftime.

* Shock Top: Shocktop, a craft beer by A-B Beverage, is making its Super Bowl debut, and in a 90-second teaser ad released recently is promising “The best Super Bowl ad of all time.” So it probably won’t be … but who knows? It’s spokesman is T.J. Miller, who currently stars in HBO’s Silicon Valley and the upcoming movie Deadpool. Here’s an extended cut of the commercial, followed by the teaser.

* Skittles: In “The Portrait”, Steven Tyler has a conversation with himself as a portrait made of Skittles that may be the result of chemicals. Just guessing.


* Snickers: Snickers is back with its “You’re not the same when you’re hungry” campaign, this time with Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe (yep), with a cameo by the great Eugene Levy. It was always going to be hard to top last year’s Danny Trejo-as-Marcia-Brady spot, but reaching back to 1955, when Marilyn did the iconic street grate scene in The Seven Year Itch, works very well.

* Taco Bell: Rumor has it that Taco Bell will introduce the Quesalupa, a chalupa with a cheese-filled shell. My God, prepare yourself.


* Pokémon: Here’s an extended version of their Super Bowl spot, which I’m told is packed full of references to the popular gaming cards and TV show.

* Mobile Strike: Here’s the teaser for their ad featuring The Governator.


* Kung Fu Panda 3.

* Deadpool. Wisecracks and violence, no doubt.


* Squarespace: Key and Peele, everyone! They’ll also provide commentary during the game, which is awesome.

* Wix: Last year we got Terrell Owens and Brett Favre, and this year DreamWorks Animation is producing it, and it will showcase Kung Fu Panda 3. Full ad:


* Colgate: The 30-second spot is entitled “Save Water”, and is actually an important message for us all. Well done.

* Persil ProClean: The laundry detergent has been available in the U.S. for about a year, and with this Super Bowl ad, is launching the hashtag #GameDayStains. Um, OK. Here’s a teaser.


* Amazon Echo: The wireless speaker and voice command device will be touted by Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino: a rather awkward pairing, if this teaser is any indication.

* LG, OLED TV: Holy crap — Ridley Scott is producing this. The last time Scott was involved in an ad for the Super Bowl was in Apple’s legendary “1984” commercial, which he created and directed. His son Jake Scott will direct this time, and it stars Liam Neeson, who goes a full minute without killing anyone.

* PayPal: Move over, old money. Full spot.

* T-Mobile: This 30-second spot features Drake, and shows how other carriers overthink their ads. Drake hits the 3-pointer here: deadpan humor isn’t easy to pull off.

* WeatherTech.


* The commercial will feature Jeff Goldblum and Lil’ Wayne, and apparently George Washington. Plus, an ode to The Jeffersons. Full ad:

* NFL: The league teams up with Seal to give us Super Bowl Babies, a chorus of kids who were conceived during the Super Bowls of years past. They sing to the tune of “A Kiss From a Rose.”

In the league’s second spot, “No More” is a plea to stop domestic violence.


* GoDaddy: Last year GoDaddy had a controversial ad in which a puppy was sold, and they pulled it at the last minute and replaced it with something else. This year they’re sitting out the Super Bowl — ending a 12-year run.

* Nationwide: Last year’s ad featured a small boy who laments all the things he’ll miss in life, because he’s dead. To no one’s surprise (except Nationwide), it went over like a balloon filled with ricin gas. So the insurance company is not participating this year. Peyton Manning: ♬ Nationwide you suck at ads.♬♬


CBS Charging Average Of $5 Million Per 30 Seconds

In July, the network was selling them for and average of $4.6 million to $4.7 million each — and that’s up from the $4.5 million that NBC was charging for Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, according to Adweek.

But NBC didn’t sell out its time slots until four days before the game. CBS, on the other hand, said that it could have sold out its commercial slots in August. Adweek:

“We could close it out tomorrow if we wanted,” Les Moonves, CBS Corp. president and CEO, told investors today at UBS’s annual Global Media and Communications Conference in New York. But the network believes it can fetch “north of $5 million a spot” shortly before the big game.”

Yep, “North of $5 million” will be the going rate if you want in now. In addition, CBS is going to live stream all of its national Super Bowl ads.

YouTube Wants To Be A Big Player

YouTube has once again set up a channel where visitors can see all of the early Super Bowl ads in one place. It’s called YouTube AdBlitz, which starts on Wednesday. It’s an actual YouTube show with hosts and a sofa and shenanigans, and featuring all the early Super Bowl ads hoping to go viral.

And why not? Creating a viral Super Bowl commercial is every advertiser’s dream — according to Mashable, Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” commercial drew more than 18 million views before the game even started last year. In 2015 people watched the equivalent of 1,600 years of Super Bowl ads on YouTube. Nearly 40 percent of that viewing time happened before game day, according to Wired Magazine.

AdBlitz has actually been around for seven years, but YouTube is putting more resources into it this year due to its growing success.

Thanks to AdAge, Adweek, Business Insider, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, I4U News, Mashable, Wired, Today.