Where Are They Now? 6 Long-Lost QBs From Recent Drafts

  • David Gonos
6 Long-lost quarterbacks -- Raymond Hall/GC Images

Photo Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

It was once thought that an NFL quarterback would finally break out in his third season in the league. But those days are looooooong gone, as teams want results much faster.

In recent years, with big contracts handed out and short leashes on coaches/GMs, quarterbacks have to make some noise in their second season, or else they’re in trouble of being pushed aside – usually by another new draft pick.

So I thought it would be interesting to go back over the past three years or so to see which quarterbacks have quietly moved from franchise saviors to – “Oh yeah, that guy! I remember him.”

Where Are They Now?

These players were drafted between 2010 and 2013 and find themselves likely playing more Fantasy Football on NFL Sundays than real football. I also didn’t dip further than the third round in any draft, since third-day players weren’t relied on that much to begin with.

Tim Tebow, Denver, 2010 first-rounder: Despite owning a 8-6 career record as a starter, including a 7-4 run that led the Broncos to a playoffs win against the Steelers in 2011, Tebow has been out of the league since 2012. He got some work at ESPN as a college football analyst in 2014, and then with ABC (pictured) and Good Morning America, but he’s still hoping to get back into the NFL. Jesus would like that.

Jimmy Claussen, Carolina, 2010 second-rounder: The former Golden Domer started 10 games with the Panthers in his rookie season – and played so well, Carolina decided to choose Cam Newton with the first overall pick in 2011. He hasn’t played in an NFL game since. He signed with the Bears in June, and he’s backing up Jay Cutler’s backup, Jordan Palmer.

Colt McCoy, Cleveland, 2010 third-rounder: One of the best Texas Longhorns quarterbacks ever, McCoy started eight games in his rookie season, and 13 in his second year. He has played in seven games, but not started any, since 2012, and now he’s working as Kirk Cousins’ backup in Washington.

Christian Ponder, Minnesota, 2011 first-rounder: One of the more recent busts, Ponder is now backing up free-agent bust Matt Cassel and rookie first-rounder Teddy Bridgewater.

Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville, 2011 first-rounder: Has there been anyone that lost a job and been happier than when the Jaguars gave up on him and sent him to San Francisco for a sixth-round pick? He’s backing up Colin Kaepernick and has a legit shot at a Super Bowl ring!

Brandon Weeden, Cleveland, 2012 first-rounder: He’s 30 years old and in his third NFL season, but the Browns found him expendable when they drafted Johnny Manziel and got Brian Hoyer (knee) healthy. Weeden has moved to Dallas, and he could be handed the keys to one of the one best offenses in the NFL if Tony Romo’s back flairs up.

No doubt, we’re bound to add a few more names to this list, whether it’s quarterbacks from 2013 or from this past season. We know this because – the NFL is very unforgiving, and there are new, younger quarterbacks coming in the league every season. We gotta make room!