Which NFL Team Will Sign Richie Incognito This Offseason?

  • Eric Goldschein

richie incognito

In the wake of this morning’s text avalanche that showed Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito as nothing if not good bro friends who love to troll for puss and get faded, the Dolphins lifted their suspension of Incognito. Great timing.

As we noted earlier, Incognito doesn’t come off as a bully, nor Martin as a victim — they both seem like a couple of douches. But Incognito is an All-Pro douche. If he ends up walking away from this looking like a victim of circumstances in his own right, he’s almost certainly going to draw interest from NFL teams.

According to Football Outsiders, Buffalo, Oakland, Miami, Philadelphia and Seattle are the five worst pass protecting teams the the league; Tampa Bay, San Francisco, New York Giants, Jacksonville and Baltimore were the worst run-blockers. They could all use a little help on the offensive line. We can certainly cross Miami and Buffalo (Incognito’s former team) off the list. Perhaps Jacksonville would take a flier on a talented guy with personal issues? Tampa Bay, also a Florida-area team, strikes me as a team that could use some new blood to go along with their new coach.

This is all 100 percent guess work, off course. Hell, the Patriots could end up signing this guy and converting him to that Patriot Way we hear so much about. Or maybe he’ll head to Canada. Either way, I’d expect to see Incognito back in a uniform before Martin.

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