Which NFL Teams Have The Most/Least Fantasy Football Talent?

  • David Gonos

Fantasy Football Calculator ADP
While daydreaming today, I wondered which NFL team was going to have the least fantasy football players drafted this season? The Jaguars? The Jets? The J-Titans?

We’re going to take a look at the ADP (Average Draft Position) data over at FantasyFootballCalculator.com to see which teams have the most players getting picked up in 12-team non-PPR leagues. These ADP stats were taken from 1,397 drafts between July 14 and July 17.

Which NFL Team Has the Most Players Getting Drafted in Fantasy Football?

Understand that defense/special teams are counted as one player in this exercise. Any teams tied with other teams in number of drafted players are ranked according to where their first player is taken.

  1. New Orleans Saints: 9
  2. Denver Broncos: 9
  3. New England Patriots: 9
  4. San Francisco 49ers: 8
  5. Philadelphia Eagles: 7
  6. Chicago Bears: 7
  7. Dallas Cowboys: 7
  8. San Diego Chargers: 7
  9. Indianapolis Colts: 7
  10. Detroit Lions: 6
  11. Green Bay Packers: 6
  12. Seattle Seahawks: 6
  13. Cincinnati Bengals: 6
  14. Atlanta Falcons: 6
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6
  16. Washington Redskins: 6
  17. N.Y. Giants: 6
  18. Cleveland Browns: 6
  19. Baltimore Ravens: 6
  20. Carolina Panthers: 6
  21. Minnesota Vikings: 5
  22. Houston Texans: 5
  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5
  24. St. Louis Rams: 5
  25. Arizona Cardinals: 5
  26. Miami Dolphins: 5
  27. Kansas City Chiefs: 4
  28. Buffalo Bills: 4
  29. Tennessee Titans: 3
  30. N.Y. Jets: 3
  31. Oakland Raiders: 3
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars: 2

Doing this exercise told me a few different things about some of the teams above.

No one expects the Jaguars to be good – again … There are 11 teams with six players getting drafted in 12-team leagues, which probably works out to being two running backs, two wide receivers, then a combination of two among the QB, K and DST … The Panthers might have six players getting drafted, but they don’t have a player with an ADP inside the top 80 … The Broncos, meanwhile, have three players going in the top 12 picks!

Sure, deeper leagues would allow for more sleepers from some of the lower-ranked teams, since they are likely starters. It’s doubtful people would take too many backup players on good teams over starters guaranteed touches on bad teams.