Who Leads the NFL in Passing Yards This Year?

After Tom Brady led the NFL in passing yards at age 44, plenty of talented quarterbacks can take the throne in 2022. Whether Patrick Mahomes re-enters the chat or Josh Allen takes control of the league, there are multiple quarterbacks to watch in an exciting race to see who will be the NFL’s passing leader this year

Rank Name Team Passing Yards
1 Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins 739
2 Carson Wentz Washington Commanders 650
3 Joe Flacco New York Jets 616
4 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills 614
5 Justin Herbert Los Angeles Chargers 613
6 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs 595
7 Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles 576
8 Russell Wilson Denver Broncos 559
9. (Tie) Derek Carr Las Vegas Raiders 547
9. (Tie) Matt Ryan Indianapolis Colts 547
11 Joe Burrows Cincinnati Bengals 537
12 Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens 531
13 Matthew Stafford Los Angeles Rams 512
14 Trevor Lawrence Jacksonville Jaguars 510
15 Jameis Winston New Orleans Saints 505
16 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings 498
17 Jared Goff Detroit Lions 471
18 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals 470
19 Mac Jones New England Patriots 465
20 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 429
21 Davis Mills Houston Texans 417
22 Marcus Mariota Atlanta Falcons 411
23 Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers 402
24 Geno Smith Seattle Seahawks 392
25 Ryan Tannehill Tennessee Titans 383

It’s extremely early in the NFL season with just two weeks of play completed, but it’s hard to say that anyone would have expected Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins to be the NFL’s passing leader at this point. That can happen when you get down early and complete a big comeback, which is what the Dolphins did in the Baltimore Ravens home opener. The Dolphins signal caller threw for 469 yards and six touchdowns in the victory.

In addition to Tagovailoa, there aren’t a lot of expected names at the top of this list, but then again, it’s still very early. Carson Wentz found a new home in Washington, and the recipe for him putting up numbers appears to be revolved around the team going down early. That could again transpire this week when the Washington Commanders take on the Philadelphia Eagles, so don’t be surprised if he’s still sitting in this position one week from now. 

Rounding out the top three is a veteran quarterback heading in the opposite direction of his career. Joe Flacco has a lot of weapons with the New York Jets, but he’s proving he can still sling the ball around, even if he needs a lot of pass attempts. If the Jets continue trailing and need him to pass a lot, you could argue he’d be in the race this year, but that won’t be the case because of youngster Zach Wilson’s eventual return at quarterback.