Who Might be the New NFL Playoff Teams & Division Winners in 2022?

The biggest complaint among college football fans is “it’s the same teams every year.” Alabama usually wins; when they don’t, it’s Clemson or Ohio State or the next-best SEC team, with Georgia and Oklahoma regular fixtures in the College Football Playoffs. 

The NFL couldn’t be more different as we haven’t seen a repeat Super Bowl champion since 2004, a stretch of 17-straight seasons. It’s not just about the Lombardi Trophy, as the league where they play for pay regularly offers new division winners and postseason participants. 

Non-Division Winners –> Win a Division in 2022

The NFL is accustomed to new division winners. Last season was no different, as the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, and Tampa Bay Bucs all won their division after not doing so the previous season. 

Best Division Odds Among 2021 Non-Division Winners (@ FanDuel):

  • Philadelphia Eagles +130

  • Indianapolis Colts +140

  • Baltimore Ravens +145

  • San Francisco 49ers +165

  • Los Angeles Chargers +220

Non-Playoff Teams –> Win a Division in 2022

Of the five teams above, the Eagles and 49ers were wild card teams. At least two teams who did not make the postseason in the season prior went on to finish atop their division in 18 of the past 19 years. It’s that type of turnaround that gives fans hope across the NFL.  

Best Division Odds Among 2021 Non-Playoff Teams:

  • Indianapolis Colts +140

  • Baltimore Ravens +145

  • Los Angeles Chargers +220

  • Minnesota Vikings +240

  • Denver Broncos +260

Non-Playoff Teams –>Make Playoffs in 2022

If we’re talking about qualifying for the postseason, at least four teams who did not make the playoffs in the previous year advanced to the tournament every season since 1990. That’s a streak of 32 campaigns! Including seven in 2021. Are you not hopeful?

Best Playoff Odds Among 2021 Non-Playoff Teams:

  • Indianapolis Colts -172

  • Los Angeles Chargers -162

  • Baltimore Ravens -156

  • Denver Broncos -146

  • Minnesota Vikings -138

  • New Orleans Saints +118

  • Miami Dolphins +142

  • Washington Commanders +152

  • Cleveland Browns +170

  • New York Giants +225

Playoff Teams –>Miss Playoffs in 2022

Of course, there’s a flipside. If there will be teams who didn’t make the playoffs in 2021 and make it in 2022, there have to be teams who made the postseason in 2021 but won’t in 2022.

Worst Playoff Odds Among 2021 Playoff Teams:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +330

  • Las Vegas Raiders +170

  • New England Patriots +160

  • Arizona Cardinals +118

  • Tennessee Titans -110