Hold Off On Heartbreak City: Could Gus Johnson Remain At CBS?

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday, SI’s Richard Deitsch reported that fan favorite announcer Gus Johnson was done at CBS – and therefore done announcing the NCAA Tournament, the event with which he’s most identified. This came as tremendously disappointing news to college basketball fans everywhere, as we documented via some of the immediate Twitter reaction to the news. But according to a different report, perhaps we shouldn’t get too disappointed just yet.

Last night, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reported that while Johnson has an offer on the table from Fox Sports to call both NFL and college football games, his people haven’t given CBS a chance to counter yet – in other words, according to Raissman’s source, Johnson and CBS aren’t quite done yet.

We made our feelings pretty clear in our post yesterday on Johnson’s future, but we’ll say it again here: if true, this is fantastic news. As he does for so many people, Johnson adds to our enjoyment of march Madness with his raucous energy and the way he relishes big moments. Anything that allows us to hope that might continue beyond this year is a good thing.

At the same time, we can’t let ourselves get too excited. Deitsch didn’t say Johnson and CBS were close to splitting or that they might split – he said, “CBS Sports recently parted ways with Gus Johnson,” point blank. That’s big news…news Deitsch wouldn’t handle lightly. And at the same time, Raissman surely believed it, too, when he wrote that reports of a Johnson-CBS split were premature. In this case, we can’t say with certainly who’s right – just that we know who we hope is right.

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