Will Tom Brady Be Suspended? Oddsmakers And Jeff Saturday Think So

Will Tom Brady Be Suspended? Oddsmakers And Jeff Saturday Think So
  • Jake O'Donnell

The Wells Report has all but eliminated any shred of a doubt that Tom Brady was clueless to the PSI inside the footballs he used during the AFC Championship Game. The next step will be watching how the NFL handles this.

To punish their golden boy or not to punish their golden boy, that is the question…which they’ll inevitably screw up because come one, we’re talking about the NFL. Regardless, Brady’s reluctance to hand over cell phone records implicates him in some degree of wrongdoing.

The league’s process might not seem fair — after all, it’s not a court of law — but then again, neither is playing with squishy footballs.

[Wells Report] “[Tom Brady] declined to make available any documents or electronic information (including text messages and emails) that we requested, even though those requests were limited to the subject matter of our investigation (such as messages concerning the preparation of game balls, air pressure of balls, inflation of balls or deflation of balls) and we offered to allow Brady’s counsel to screen and control the production so that it would be limited strictly to responsive materials and would not involve our taking possession of Brady‟s telephone or other electronic devices.

Our inability to review contemporaneous communications and other documents in
Brady‟s possession and control related to the matters under review potentially limited the
discovery of relevant evidence and was not helpful to the investigation.

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Las Vegas oddsmakers seem convinced that he might not be in uniform for the Patriots’ opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers next season, as they’ve suspended betting until presumably the league hands down a ruling.

Speaking on SportsCenter today, former Indianapolis Colts lineman Jeff Saturday seemed adamant that Roger Goodell’s hand will be forced to take action against the Super Bowl XLIX MVP.

“As a player we talk about the integrity of the game. We do things on the field and get caught and penalties and those things — he got caught. You have to take the consequences.”

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