Will You Still Like Michael Sam If He's A Dallas Cowboy?

  • Eric Goldschein

Michael Sam’s search for an NFL home appears to be over, according to Adam Schefter:

Of course, this news is a mixed bag. It’s great that a guy like Sam, who showed he could play at the NFL level this preseason, is getting a shot, even if it’s on a practice squad (practice squad members don’t play in games, but they can be promoted to the active roster if there’s an injury). On the other hand — aw, man, he’s gonna play for the Cowboys?

And that’s not coming from my own East Coast bias — the Cowboys were recently named America’s least favorite team, according to Public Policy Polling. In fact, they pulled in almost twice as much hate as America’s second-least favorite team, the Bears. And honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a publicity grab by Jerry “Stripper Crotch” Jones.

Dallas was actually the first team we thought of when considering the question “Who will pick up Sam once he’s cut by the Rams?” The Cowboys play a 4-3, have been dealing with the loss of DeMarcus Ware and were historically awful on defense last season. If Sam gets a chance to play in a game, he has the chance to make a real impact.

We’ll see if it comes to that. Like Schefter says, physical first. Here’s to hoping ESPN doesn’t screw things up for him.

UPDATE: It’s official.

Photo via Getty