Here’s A Photo Of A Gross NFL Finger Injury That Will Give You Nightmares

  • Dan Fogarty

The photo below, which was brought to our attention by @worldofisaac, shows the left middle finger of Lions defensive end Willie Young. If you like oozy, mutilated things, it’s an early Christmas for you, you sicko.

We’re going to bury the actual photo a bit deeper in the post, so you still have time to correct the horrible mistake you made by clicking on it. For now, the Detroit Free Press’ Carlos Monarrez sheds some light on how Young got injured.

Young split open the finger while making a tackle on Green Bay running back James Starks on Nov. 18. Young showed his finger to reporters Friday. It’s cut to the bone, and he has torn ligaments and some nerve damage in the finger.

Lovely! Young briefly considered getting it amputated, but he now says the finger’s “probably looking a little bit better now.”

We’re… not so sure about that one. Here’s Willie Young’s finger, and your last chance to turn back.

Too late.

Annnnnddddd… your weekend’s ruined.

Happy Friday, everyone!