With This Screenshot, ESPN Has Officially Thrown In The Towel

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Alright guys, it’s done. Show’s over. Time to go home. Seems like the folks up in Bristol have finally given up.

After 33 years, there is nothing more for ESPN to report, as evidenced by their intense concern over which movie the New York Jets are going to screen on their team night out in Cortland, NY. At this point, the Jets don’t really need to worry about not getting picked for a repeat appearance on Hard Knocks, because whatever HBO isn’t there to document, SportsCenter is picking up the slack just fine.

But come on ESPN, you can’t think of any other sporting event going on right now that deserves screen time before you start to impart on us the (questionable) cinematic taste of the Jets? I know the Olympics aren’t all that flashy, but then again, neither is a graphic about what movie the Jets are going to watch on movie night.

As long as we’re talking about it though, here’s each movie along with their Rotten Tomatoes score, just in case Gang Green needed any guidance:

  • Ice Age: Continental Drift (38%)
  • Total Recall (30%)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (87%)
  • The Watch (16%)
  • Ted (69%)

The Jets know how to make a good decision or two, so I’m sure they went and saw The Watch.