Word On The Street Is That Joe Buck Is Dating Former Broncos Cheerleader/NFL Network Reporter Michelle Beisner

  • Rick Chandler

Can an NFL Network reporter and Fox Sports broadcaster have a relationship? This can’t be real life, it has to be the pilot for a sitcom: I see Tim McCarver as the wacky neighbor.

Michelle Beisner, as you know, works for the NFL Network as a reporter, and is a former Denver Broncos cheerleader. Joe Buck is the guy who nearly drove me insane in 2012 when he broadcast both the 49ers-Giants game at Candlestick Park and Game 1 of the NLCS at AT&T Park (Giants and Cardinals) on the same day. According to The Big Lead, they’re dating.

Sources say the two got friendly at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, and have been dating for awhile, Beisner confirmed to The Big Lead by phone today.

What are your intentions, Joe? Remember, both feet on the floor at all times, because anything else would be “a disgusting act.”

If Fox Sports mentions this, please let it be Randy Moss.