World's Most Unpopular Region Right Now: The Toyota Red Zone

  • Rick Chandler

Of the many, many social media objections to the NFL Network’s new Toyota Red Zone graphic, I think that @LegallyErin said it best: WTF with the huge “Toyota Red Zone”. Jesus. But don’t expect the graphic, seen below, to go away anytime soon. The 49ers and Toyota have just agreed to a multi-million dollar deal.

From the Silicon Valley Business Journal:

In the context of the new 68,500-person Santa Clara stadium, the sponsorship deal will translate to a hulking “Toyota Plaza” at the Northeast Entrance of the stadium. Toyota will also get to attach its brand to 49ers touchdowns; “Toyota Red Zone” will flash across screens in the tech-heavy stadium anytime the team’s offense makes it past the 20-yard line.

The deal extends to 49ers broadcasts on KPIX/The NFL Network, as my eyes are being bombarded with the big, intrusive graphic as I type this. (It’s not a national thing with other teams … yet).

It’s not a popular item.

Will Toyota tweak it? My bet is yes. They’ll probably make it bigger.