In Honor Of The Worst Steelers Tattoo Ever, A Few Of The Other Worst Tattoos In NFL Fan History

  • Glenn Davis

Several hours ago, a Steelers tattoo made its way to Reddit. But this was no ordinary Steelers tattoo – this was the worst Steelers tattoo anyone has ever received. You can see it at left. Drawing was never my strong point, but I’m still pretty sure I could cook up a significantly better Steler tat than that.

General mirth followed the posting of this staggeringly bad work of anti-art, including a link to the Facebook page of the alleged “artist”. (Spoiler: all of his other tattoos are just as bad, and everyone who comments on the photos only does so to make fun of him. It would be kind of sad, if he didn’t need to hear it so badly – well, unless he’s some sort of avant-garde Dada tattoo practitioner and everyone he inks up is in on the act.)

But it also – with the help of another tattoo posted in the same Reddit thread, which you’ll see below – got us thinking: this might be the worst NFL tattoo ever created, but it’s not the only bad one. The internet is filled with examples of horrible tattoos of all sorts – some people even like to suggest hypothetical bad ones, they love horrendous body art so much – and the NFL is far from immune. Want further proof? See the examples below.


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