It’s Official: This Is The Worst Tim Tebow Tattoo Of All Time

  • Tom Lorenzo

Believe it or not, this half-man half-horse Tim Tebow tattoo is actually real. No joke.

Well, the tattoo itself is a bit of a joke, but the dude whose thigh this sits permanently on doesn’t seem to think it’s funny. In fact, according to Larry Brown Sports, this newly-inked gent left the tattoo parlor “pleased” with it. I guess if this Tebow fan, named John Elway Gary, went into the tattoo parlor and asked for a centaur with a Denver Broncos helmet on his head and a cross in his hand, captioned with the words “Tebow Time,” then this tattoo is certainly a success. A permanent success. Poor Gary.

The bright side: he’ll always know what time it is just by looking at his thigh!

[Larry Brown Sports]