WTF, Ref? RGIII Injured, Kirk Cousins Takes It On The Chin

  • Rick Chandler

It’s tough out there for a Washington quarterback. According to Troy Aikman, an official was looking right at this play as Broncos’ linebacker Wesley Woodyard leads with his helmet and crushes Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins right in the chin in the fourth quarter today. There was no penalty. Either we’re going to have helmet-to-head rules or we aren’t … pick a lane, NFL. This is ridiculous.

What was Cousins doing in the game? RGIII hurt his left knee, and was taken out as a precaution (the Broncos were well ahead).

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That noise you heard as if a million souls cried out at once was the death of hope, when Cousins threw a pick six to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. But at least Cousins ran all the way to the end zone, while R-Cromartie acted like a punk and high-stepped the last 40 yards in Cousins’ face.

So NFL, is taunting a penalty or isn’t it? Pick a lane. Bad, bad day for the officials.