Let There Be Hate: Tom Brady Has An Uggs Commercial, And Here It Is

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve seen the photo of Tom Brady’s Uggs-modeling, but if there’s one thing this site has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing like video. Thankfully, now an actual Uggs commercial, where you can see (but not hear) Brady put his Uggs to work. Here’s how it looks:

Well, that commercial screams a couple of things: 1) “This is a MEN’S product! For MEN! The MANLIEST of MEN!” and 2) “WE WANT TO CONSTANTLY SHAKE THE CAMERA VIOLENTLY AND MAKE YOUR EYES UNCOMFORTABLE!” We’re bigger fans of the first thing than the second – after all, the Ugg name carries with it a certain stigma. Hiring Brady was step one in trying to overcome that, and going with the hyper-masculine aesthetic was step two. It’s your call as to whether they overcame it, but we think they might have given themselves a bit more of a chance without the SuperShakeCam.

Additionally, if you want a bit more evidence before coming to your conclusion, there’s a minute-long version of the ad here. As for Brady, we’re sure some will poke fun at him for this, but ultimately, it’s like we said when we first learned of this partnership: he’s Tom Brady, so no big deal. We would, though, have liked some kind of speaking role for him.

[h/t Keith]