You Mean People Can See What We Write About Them On The Internet? (Ray Rice Fantasy Edition)

  • Eric Goldschein

ray rice

When you sit down at your computer, or with your phone, or whatever device you use to browse the Internet, here’s something to remember: We see you.

Maybe we don’t see your vinegar strokes or the pasta sauce smeared on your face that you’re just going to leave there, crusted, until you shower the next morning, but we see all the dumb things you write on your Facebook or your Twitter and sign with hashtags like #YOLO and #BaDbItChEs and #ballin and #fuckyoubro.

The internet is public. The things you say can and often do reach the people you want it to reach. This is the beauty (and the horror) of the world wide web.

It’s easy for the keyboard warriors of the world to fire off a tweet about a celebrity or other public figure without thinking. They will often say things on the internet that they would never venture to think about in real life, i.e. cursing at the person or otherwise insulting them to an unnecessary and hurtful degree. That’s what happened yesterday when Ravens running back Ray Rice went down with an unspecified hip injury after having a subpar real (and fantasy) day already.

Yeah, Ray Rice didn’t have a great day. He also hasn’t missed a game in four seasons and has been a fantasy stud for just as long — but that happened more than 10 seconds ago, so people don’t remember that. All the negativity was enough to warrant a response from Rice himself:

Of course, fantasy assholes are in the minority and real football fans/human beings know that Ray Rice’s health (not to mention longstanding excellence) matters much more than the first two weeks of 2013. But for the rest of you, perhaps its time for a reality check: Ray Rice isn’t an asshole because he didn’t have a good game, but you certainly are an asshole for tweeting about it.

The last 24 hours have actually been quite a golden era for assholes tweeting. When Miss New York, a beautiful lady of Indian descent, was crowned Miss America last night, we saw a lot of stuff like this:

Great. You’re the worst. Not you, most people. Just the assholes.

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