You Things Have Gotten Bad When The New York Daily News Stops Using The Term 'Redskins'

  • Jake O'Donnell

The New York Daily News has almost no limits when it comes to outrageous shit to put in its newspaper. If it’ll sell, cause a stir, or just get them free publicity, they’ll feature it prominently on their cover, even if it’s objectively tasteless and offensive to nearly everyone who isn’t a sociopath.

Case and point:

That’s why it’s such a shock that Washington’s NFL team name crosses the line for what essentially is a slimy tabloid. In a rather eloquent article published yesterday, the Daily News editorial board has decided to cease all references to the controversial name — and the logo.

The righteous path hath been chosen.

[NY Daily News] Henceforth, in The News’ sports coverage, the team that has been known as the Redskins since 1933 will simply be called Washington.

They’ve actually always taken a pretty hard-line approach to Dan Snyder’s club, once equating the logo to that of the Confederate and Nazi flags (which pissed people off regardless of how accurate the comparison was).

Apparently, in the coming days, every news organization in America will be receiving a letter from a coalition of Native American groups asking them to stop using the offensive term. Seeing the writing on the wall, The Daily News has decided to go ahead and cease any and all references to the objectively deragatory term, despite how “respectful” and “proud” it is deemed to be by Snyder.

They explain the decision in detail:

[NY Daily News] Why drop the term now? Why not yesterday or last year? The answer is that, as attitudes evolve, words can move from common parlance to unacceptable in good company.

See the end of “Negro” and the rise of “black” or “African-American,” the end of “retarded” and the rise of “developmentally disabled,” the end of “handicapped” and the rise of “people with disabilities.”

Here’s a simple test of whether Redskin passes muster: Would you use the term in referring to Native Americans in anything other than a derogatory way?

Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice guys. Next step? Stop making fun of people’s weight…