Your 2015 NFL Draft Finalists: Chicago, Los Angeles

  • David Gonos

2015 NFL Draft -- Chicago or Los Angeles
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday that the 2015 NFL Draft will either take place in Chicago or Los Angeles. There’s a very good chance that whichever city is chosen, Jets fans will boo.

Most of us have only known Radio City Music Hall as the home of the NFL Draft, but soon, it will leave the Northeast and find its way to Second City/City of Broad Shoulders/The Windy City/Chi-Town/City of a Thousand Nicknames, or it will end up in Los Angeles – which has a deep-rooted history of people not giving a shit about football.

The draft is expected to take place on either April 22-25 or April 29-May 2, and fantasy football sites are preparing their “Way Too Early 2015 Mock Drafts” as we speak.

4 Reasons We Want Chicago to Host the 2015 NFL Draft …

  • Chris Berman vs. Windy City in Springtime – Hot air for everyone!
  • In late April, it’ll give something for Cubs fans to feel good about.
  • Maybe they can get Al Bundy to make a draft pick announcement! (He scored four touchdowns for Polk High, you know.)
  • J-E-T-S fans will likely end up drafting Al Bundy.

4 Reasons We Want Los Angeles to Host the 2015 NFL Draft …

  • L.A. cops will get a free chance to beat down Raiders fans.
  • Maybe former L.A. Rams QB Jim Everett will show up and drop a surprise beatdown on Jim Rome on radio row for fun!
  • It’ll be like having the Stanley Cup Finals in Hawaii.
  • J-E-T-S fans will likely end up drafting Billy Cole, the L.A. Stallions wide receiver from “The Last Boy Scout,” that must win at all costs. He ends up doing PCP and he pulls out a gun and shoots defenders, before scoring and shooting himself in the head. Just like Jets fans would like to do!

Where would you prefer the 2015 NFL Draft end up?