Your Sunday Sports TV Viewing Schedule: Terry Bradshaw Sings Edition

  • Rick Chandler

So you thought that Terry Bradshaw only mangled game highlights on Fox NFL Sunday along with the occasional movie role (Failure to Launch!)? So did I. But I drove past this marquee on Saturday at the Montbleu Hotel and Casino at Lake Tahoe, NV, which featured Bradshaw’s name right at the top, so I had to Google that development. Here’s what’s going down:

Terry Bradshaw – America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde. Friday, December 13. A 90 minute show of comedy, storytelling and singing, starring one of the country’s best loved football announcers, sports legends and performers, the Steelers legendary #12.

Tickets: $45 / $35, Doors: 8pm, Show: 9pm.

Wait … singing?

Yep. It’s a one-man variety show thing, and I guess I’m late to the table because I had no idea he’s been doing this. It looks, um, fascinating?

Sitting for 90 minutes listening to Bradshaw tell Jo Jo Starbuck stories with a two-drink minimum may be your cup of tea, but I prefer to stay home and watch TV. And speaking of that, here’s what’s happening today (all times Eastern):