Your TD Celebration Fail Roundup, Featuring Rob Gronkowski And Vernon Davis

  • Dylan Murphy

Vernon Davis and Rob Gronkowski may be two of the premier tight ends in the NFL, but their skills weren’t on display during two touchdown celebration moments on Sunday.

First up was Gronk, whose first spike of the season was upon us until, well, it wasn’t. After catching a beautifully thrown two-yard TD pass from Tom Brady, Gronk cocked back his arm to slam the ball onto the grass. Except the ball slipped out of his hand and meekly landed on the ground.

Aw, it’s okay bro. We scored anyway. CHEST BUMP.

And then Vernon Davis, a bit tired from the 49ers’ TD drive, leapt to dunk the ball through the uprights. Too bad the bottom crossbar was, like, there, so Davis’ dunk attempt was promptly rejected (cue crowd laughter).

Joe Buck, champ he is, took that one in stride and even gave us some play-by-play followup after the TD. “And Davis is rejected by the crossbar that was kinder to David Akers.”

And, no Matt Cassel, this doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you.