A 17-Year-Old Girl Refuses To Shave Her Legs Until NHL Lockout Ends

  • Dylan Murphy

The 2012-2013 NHL season is on the brink of collapse. If a new collective bargaining agreement cannot be codified by mid-January, there will not be enough time to piece together a shortened NHL season. Hockey fans are upset at this, and one fan is protesting in the only way she knows how: not shaving her legs.

Maggie Wagner is a 17-year-old Pittsburgh Penguins fan from Xenia, Ohio, and dearly misses the NHL. So much so that she refuses to shave her legs until the lockout ends, which means she’ll be really warm this winter.

Puck Daddy had a chance to chat with her, and you could can read the entire Q&A over there (a worthwhile and quick read, if only for some quick Dustin Penner advice). But there’s one particularly vindictive line which succinctly sums up lockout-induced anger:

Why did you start this mission?

WAGNER: “I wanted to do something to make everyone around me suffer through the lockout with me.”

Just your average NHL fan these days, people.

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