Here’s An Awkward, Bitchy Press Conference Between The Buffalo Sabres Management And Local Media

  • Eric Goldschein

The city of Buffalo is best known for… um… well… the city of Buffalo is known. They do have chicken wings, and hockey, and not much else. That’s why we feel for teams like the Bills and Sabres — they are beacons of light in an otherwise uninspiring city. So when the Sabres go 21-21 in a shortened NHL season, miss the playoffs again and then raise ticket prices on fans, things are going to be a little uneasy.

That explains why everyone in this press conference — from team president Ted Black to local media members like Mike Harrington and Jerry Sullivan — was in such a bad mood. After the Sabres announced their 4 percent ticket hike on “Fan Appreciation Night” and general manager Darcy Regier predicted the fans would have to endure some “suffering” in the near future, above-mentioned media members questioned team owner Terry Pegula’s lack of transparency and overall crapiness when it came to explaining the personnel decisions that have rocked the franchise — namely, the firing of 16-year coach Lindy Ruff in February.

So here’s how that went down:

Alrighty then. Glad we all got that off our chests. Black apologized for lashing out at the end of the 45-minute awkward-fest, saying: “Mike, I want to apologize to you. That was very rude of me and for anyone listening…Mike Harrington, I want to apologize to you for suggesting that you were showing your bias. I lost my temper and I also want to apologize to you, Jerry [Sullivan], as well, and I ask if you’d both forgive me.

Come on guys — let’s all head down to Niagara Falls, eat some hot wings and forget this whole thing ever happened. Bills season is just five months away.

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