Bad Day In The NHL: Sports World Reacts After Stars’ Rich Peverley Collapses During Game, Is Rushed To Hospital

  • Rick Chandler

Obviously not a good time in hockey right now, as we all await word on the condition of Dallas Stars’ forward Rich Peverley, who collapsed on the bench during a game with the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight due to a “cardiac arrest event”, according to the Dallas Morning News. The game was postponed after the 31-year-old Peverley collapsed in the first period having just coming of the ice. He was transported to a hospital, conscious.

Dallas Morning News:

“He was brought back to the hallway for treatment, where we treated him for a cardiac event, successfully treated with standard therapy,” said Dr. Gil Salazar of UT Southwestern, one of the doctors who treated Peverley. “As soon as we treated him, he regained consciousness. He was alert and awake talking to us after the event and quickly transported to the hospital. At this point, I was able to talk to him in the back of the ambulance and he was able to tell me where he was and he actually wanted to get back in the game.”

Salazar said of the treatment “We provided oxygen for him. We started an IV. We did chest compressions on him and defibrillated him, provided some electricity to bring a rhythm back to his heart, and that was successful with one attempt, which is very reassuring,” Salazar said.