Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook Names His Baby ‘Seven’

  • Rick Chandler

As long as Nicolas Cage has a son named Kal-El, “Seven” will not be the weirdest name of the past decade. Put it right below that, and just above North West.

And to be fair, it’s a middle name: the baby born to Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook and his wife last week has been named Carter Seven Seabrook. Because of Seabrook’s number with the Blackhawks. I guess he was more persuasive than George Costanza.

JERRY: “Seven? Yeah I guess I could see it. Seven periods of school, seven beatings a day, roughly seven stitches a beating and eventually seven to life. Yeah you’re doing that child quite a service.”

Photo: Getty Images.