Blackhawks Fan Turns Into Teenage Girl After Stanley Cup Win, Warms Our Hearts

  • Ricky Boebel

The Blackhawks had been a long suffering franchise until three years ago, when they won their first Stanley Cup since 1961. Understandably their fans were pretty excited when they won their second cup in three years last night.

This video shows an older gentleman screaming at the top of lungs after the Blackhawks win. I could make fun of this guy for his high pitched squeals or his uncontrollable arm spasms, but I won’t (or maybe I just did).

He’s the epitome of a true hockey fan. He invested thousands of hours watching his team and it all paid off in this single moment of euphoria. He couldn’t control his body or his voice, he just let his emotions flood out. All because a bunch of guys skated around a sheet of ice better than 29 other groups of men.

That’s a true hockey fan. A species of human being that can’t be found in any other sports fanbase.

[For The Win]