Brad Marchand May Never Be The Same After Taking This (Deliberate?) Stick To The Nuts

  • Eric Goldschein

Getting hit in the groin is like going to the DMV, or finding out your dog has died: it really sucks. And, perhaps to prove a point from earlier, getting a possibly-deliberate jab in the crotch from an opponent takes away from the joy of the game. Therefore, is this the most joyless, sucky act in the history of hockey?

Fighting has really gotten out of hand in the NHL. But don’t tell that to Jason Chimera of the Capitals, who was none too pleased with the extracurricular activity taking place after the whistle. So he decided to take that anger out on Marchand — more specifically, the testicles belonging to Marchand.

It’s hard not to laugh when someone gets hit in the nuts, because physical comedy is the spice of life. But you are a bad person if you don’t feel for what he’s going through in those moments after the attack. See him grab down there while skating off, as if for reassurance? That’s a feeling every man knows well, and every woman would be wise to heed.