Bruins Commentator Jack Edwards Compares Penguin Matt Cooke To RFK Murderer Sirhan Sirhan (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Here’s an analogy for you: comparing a hockey player to the political criminal who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy is like, ya know, being a dumb ass and terrible at your job and disrespectful and ignorant.

New England Sports Network broadcaster and Boston Bruins commentator, Jack Edwards, just disrespected everyone in the Boston area, maybe even the country, by invoking Sirhan Sirhan to make a point about a dirty hockey player six days after a terrorist killed/maimed almost 200 people.

At what point will people learn that REAL WORLD evil is NOT like SPORTS evil. And not to put them in the same sentence, no matter what the point you’re trying to illustrate. Ever. To clarify, he wasn’t saying that NHL bad boy Matt Cooke was as bad as the guy who shot RFK at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1968. What he was alluding to, was the fact that Pittsburgh sports journalists were rewarding him for “changing” — and he didn’t care, because he think’s Matt Cooke is beyond redemption.

Just like Sirhan Sirhan. Because, you know, he killed RFK, and Matt Cooke elbowed Marc Savard 3 years ago.

His point was that by nominating Cooke for the Masterton Award, Pittsburgh sports writers were ignoring this cheap shot he put on Marc Savard, knocking him unconscious. One of the many issues with what Edwards said, is that, well, Matt Cooke didn’t “assassinate” Marc Savard, or even “basically assassinate” him. Savard played in that post season and even scored a game winning goal.

Robert Kennedy died. He didn’t return to become president.

Dude, if you have an agenda, which Edwards certainly did because he ignored about 40 seconds of play to make his stupid point, don’t invoke REAL WORLD evil. If being in Boston over the last couple days wasn’t enough of a reminder: innocent people are killed and it is terrible and terrifying. Hockey players throw elbows and cheap shots. Please have the decency to separate the two, if not for those of us sensitive enough to give a shit, but the REAL people who suffer REAL harm at hands of REAL evil.

H/T CBS Sports