Tonight In Injuring Your Teammate: Canucks Player Punches His Teammate’s Face Via Another Guy’s Helmet

  • Eric Goldschein

Kevin Bieksa of the Canucks exemplified “wrong place, wrong time” tonight. A fight broke out between Vancouver and Minnesota in the second period, and Bieksa was just looking on when he took a Wild player’s helmet to the grill. But he has his teammate to thank for that one.

You know it’s a hockey game when the announcers have a good laugh after they find out it was Bieksa’s teammate, Aaron Rome, who caused this whole mess by punching the Wild’s Stephan Veilleux in the face. Veilleux’s helmet caught Bieksa in the nose, and the rest is history.

But when it comes to beating the crap out of your teammate, slashing him in the mouth with your stick is still the winner.