Capitals Rookie Tom Wilson Knocked His Own Skate Blade Off With A Huge Hit, Had To Crawl Off The Ice

  • Eric Goldschein

Hey, rookie, don’t you know that you need a blade on your skate in order to skate? Either the Capitals’ Tom Wilson is the biggest hitter in the history of hockey, or someone needs to give that guy equipment that isn’t put together with strands of spaghetti. I’ve been watching hockey out of the corner of my eye when it’s on at the bar/restaurant for years now, and I’ve never seen that (though apparently it happens from time to time).

This was only Wilson’s second NHL game ever. I’d like to say this is a hazing ritual that all 19-year-olds have to go through when they make it to the league, but the kid did this to himself. You can actually hear the blade clatter to the ice at the 3 second mark:

If there was ever a time for that SportsCenter blooper theme music, which I can’t find any clips of online, this would be it. Here’s the closest approximation. Please play these two videos simultaneously for the full effect (they sync up quite nicely when both are around the 15 second mark).