Where Is The Stanley Cup? Follow Live…

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Chicago Blackhawks are back in Chicago. Not for Game 7, as it may have seemed if you turned your TV off with 1:30 to go in Game 6 (sorry, bandwagoners!), but because they are your 2013 Stanley Cup Champions. This means… they have the Stanley Cup. In Chicago. But, where exactly is it? Undoubtedly, on the move, somewhere near hammered hockey players.

We at SportsGrid do not have a reporter on the ground, sadly, but Redeye Chicago does (and the guy’s name is Mick Swasko!!!), because they are American heroes. Follow their #CupTracker here. Search that on Twitter, if you’d like. Here are some highlights:

From WGN TV News, the arrival:

Then, for whatever reason, a firetruck spraying their plane (with water):

To Harry Caray’s, with the Captain holding onto his prize:

Intermission time… nasty Andrew Shaw face!

More Harry Caray’s, more Toews, more people:

Some quick alone time for Mr. Cup, perhaps reading a nice book:

Then, to South Loop. Partying at The Scout. Now, people waiting for them to go to The Pony Inn. They’ve been waiting a while. Follow RedEye Chicago’s Cup Tracker — and us! — for updates, good and bad. There will be shenanigans of the highest order.

[Redeye Chicago]

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