Commentator Just Not That Excited About Game-Winning Goal

  • Rick Chandler

Nothing gets under my craw more than homer sports announcers: and if you’ve ever had an impacted craw, you know exactly how that feels. But there are many forms of homerism: among them the over-enthusiastic hometown announcer, which is probably the most common.

But just as bad in my opinion is the hometown announcer who barely acknowledges that that the other team even exists. Take Colorado Avalanche play-by-play guy Mike Haynes, for example. Listen to his call, above, on Nick Foligno’s goal that won the game in overtime, 4-3, for the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday night.

Here’s another example:

It’s the incestuous nature of today’s network-sports franchise relationship that produces moments like these, I know. But how does a call like this make you look like anything more than a PR guy for the team?

Even worse for me, however, is the broadcaster who ignores the elephant in the room. Example: San Francisco Giants commentators who constantly bring up Barry Bonds’ achievements, and never mention the steroid controversy. Comcast BayArea Sportsnet — and particularly Jon Miller — I’m looking at you.