MUST WATCH: An Actual Condor Gets Loose At ECHL Hockey Game

  • Joe Levine

The Bakersfield Condors and Las Vegas Wranglers faced off for some exciting ECHL action this weekend, but not before an actual condor was brought onto the ice for the singing of our National Anthem. Inevitably, the condor got loose and mayhem ensued.

It’s moments like these where you have to be thankful that video exists, because words simply cannot do what happened proper justice. Watch now as the condor escapes its handler’s grasp, scoots across the ice, and actually escapes down the tunnel to the locker rooms without anyone able to, well, wrangle it.

Kudos to the announcers of this game for not being uptight and actually recognizing how hilarious this was. I can only imagine that this moment would have been described as some degree of disgraceful if it was called by the likes of, say, Tim McCarver.

Via Fark