Dustin Penner Is The Greatest And Most Violent Intern For Conan Ever

  • Dylan Murphy

The NHL has been locked out for 2 months and 19 days, which is to say that it’s been way too long since we’ve seen some hockey. For the players, whose has employment has been put on hold, there’s really not much to do. During the NBA’s latest labor dispute, basketball players faced similar problems. But some did, however, find ways to pass the time. Delonte West found another job. Kevin Durant played flag football. Kevin Love played beach volleyball.

The larger point is that ultimately everyone finds something to do. Dustin Penner of the LA Kings, for example, briefly decided to change his career path by interning for Conan on TBS. During last night’s show, we were graced with a progress report as the camera followed Penner around at his new job. But Penner is 30 years old, so it’s difficult to just shed past habits on a whim – therefore he couldn’t avoid a few, uh, skirmishes with his co-workers.

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