A Hockey Player’s Hot Wife Isn’t Happy With His Fighting

  • Glenn Davis

What can we say – it’s a good day for hockey fight reaction videos. First, we had a guy who seemed to think a fight he was involved in was just a big joke. And now, via former tennis player Elena Dementieva, we have someone far, far less amused by the violence unfolding in front of them. Dementieva is married to hockey player Maxim Afinogenov, a former member of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres who now plays in Russia’s KHL. In a recent game, Afinogenov got into a fight. The cameras found Dementieva in the stands. To say the least, she was less than thrilled:

Of course, we should acknowledge the serious concern over the health of hockey players who regularly get into on-ice scraps, but Dementieva’s look doesn’t even strike us as one of worry so much as one of pure disgust. That look says, “Ugh, what is he doing? Come on now, quit acting like a stupid kid.” Alas, this is hockey, where at times one defends one’s honor through fisticuffs…even if it’s dumb.

Also, one side note: did that coach at 1:05 remind anyone else of Brad Leland/Buddy Garrity? If he didn’t, you’re wrong.

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