Florida Panthers Owner Vincent Viola Is Selling His NYC Townhouse-Thing For $114 Million

  • Jake O'Donnell

Here at SportsGrid, we spend a lot of time checking out the homes of athletes. Sometimes they’re gaudy, sometimes they’re modest, and all of the time they’re expensive. But, as Chris Rock said, there’s rich, and then there’s wealthy. Shaq’s rich — the guy who signs Shaq’s checks in wealthy (strangely enough, we posted Dr. Jerry Buss’s $6 million mansion on here last week). Enter Vincent Viola’s East 69th St 19-room townhouse: The only home we’ve ever reported on that breaks into nine-figures. You read correctly — $114 million.

That’s how much it cost to make Thor.

[Neil J. Leitereg, Realtor.com] Owned by Vincent and Teresa Viola (owner of the Florida Panthers NHL team and president of Maida Vale Designs, respectively), the Upper East Side mansion lives up to its lofty price tag. While just 40 feet wide, the residence towers six stories high and spans some 20,000 square feet, with an additional 2,500 square feet of outdoor space on a three-tiered rooftop deck.

What’s even crazier about this place, is that the asking price is almost four times Viola’s net worth (which is being reported as $35 million on some websites). Ok, so he’s making a fortune of this place, but still — how the hell did he buy the Panthers in September for $250 million? Either there’s something wrong with that net worth valuation, or, yep, never mind, Viola bought this place for $20 million in 2005. His money’s tied up in the house. Nothing like getting 600% more than what you initially paid for something. (Additionally, Celebritynetworth.com has his personal worth at $1 billion, which makes more sense.)

Regardless, he’s rolling in it — and he’ll continue to do so if he gets anything close to the asking price for this urban mansion.