So Wait… Are We Sure Bruins Assistant Geoff Ward’s Tossed Earpiece Landed Directly In A Fan’s Beer?

  • Glenn Davis

This clip was all the rage when it first started making the rounds last night, and for good reason. The casual earpiece toss by Bruins assistant Geoff Ward, the sudden alarm of the fan sitting right behind him… and above all, the fact that the earpiece appears to go directly into the fan’s beer:

We have to say, though – while this is a great clip either way, the evidence that the earpiece falls into the beer, to our eyes, isn’t quite as rock-solid as it seems everyone would like to believe. Here’s what we see: Ward tosses the earpiece, the earpiece comes back into view behind the glass as it falls… and then both the earpiece and the beer cup are blocked from view by Ward. The trajectory of the earpiece looks right for beer-splashing… but we don’t see it happen for sure. It might have fallen in front of the beer. The fan (whose reaction, again, is priceless no matter what exactly happened) also yanked his beer away, startled, though it doesn’t look like that happened in time to prevent the earpiece from falling in, if indeed it did.

We’re not trying to be killjoys or conspiracy theorists here – it’s very possible that the earpiece landed in the beer. We’re just adding a little skepticism to the mix, is all. Because damn it, everything deserves a closer look… even a guy possibly tossing his earpiece into the drink of a guy sitting directly behind him. Oh, and we’re not totally alone here:

And if you take exception to our earpiece-beer truthering… well, maybe posting Ward’s toss in gif form below will make it up to you. Via Gifulmination: