Here’s Daniel Alfredsson Picking Up His Own Teeth Off The Ice, But There Was No Penalty Because Hockey (Video)

  • Rick Chandler

When I get several teeth knocked out during a game I at least expect to get a couple of free throws out of the deal, or, you know, a penalty kick or something. But this is hockey, where picking up your teeth from the ice is no more serious than cleaning up after you’ve spilled a bag of peanuts.

Detroit Red Wings forward Daniel Alfredsson has scheduled several meetings with the Tooth Fairy in the coming days after this incident, in which he jostled with New Jersey’s Andrei Loktionov on the boards and collected a mouthful of stick, it appears. It also seems to be accidental. Oh well — cleanup on aisle two.

We can rebuild him … better than before.

And now a gallery of the tooth-challenged, who still went on to accomplish great things: